CMS Works

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for your website to be updated with the information you provided to your IT person.  While Solution Works provides great maintenance packages for your website, we also offer you one of the most customizable and powerful Content Management Systems available.

Whether you want to fix a misspelling or Add a whole new page, you can do this with CMS Works.

CMS Works is a Content Management System which allows people to update their websites without having to know anything about HTML, CSS or web programming in general.  Our application not only provides this interface, but also provides many customized modules including:

  • Home Page ModuleCMS Works Logo

  • Press Release Module

  • Events Module

  • Links Module

  • Bulletin Board Module

  • Career Module

  • Blog Module

  • Survey Module

  • Photo Gallery Module

  • Conference Module

  • Store Front Module

  • Advertisement Module

  • Membership Module

For more information on CMS Works, please contact us.

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